Anyone have experience with Rotor Q rings?

Not sure what place to put this or if this is ok here. I wanted to know other peoples experience with them if possible before trying them out.

No sorry, however several months back I came across a great vid by Dylan Johnson which may provide some insight - Will oval chainrings make your faster?

Gotta ask, Vegan Cyclist lastest vid?


Lol you called it. Honesty I have been contemplating them for a few months now and that video really made me want to. One persons opinion though and that was on a gravel bike, I’d be going 2X on my road bike.


Ya, had me thinking about them again as I was thinking about them a few months back then I discovered Dylan’s vid and he’s very good. They kinda makes sense I’ll admit, it gets ya thinkin!
I’m also interested to see what others or any of the coaches have to say.


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and without watching the video I will give my personal experience.

I love them. they don’t do any magic. what they did for me is smoothen the pedal stroke. when you start pushing downwards your muscle is its strongest and most triggered. so at this point you are in the big ring part of the chainring. when you push further down, your muscle starts to ‘relax’ and that’s when you go to the smaller diameter. so it won’t feel as hard.
so if you are like me and pedal a bit square, this can help. others will say (rightfully so) to learn to pedal smoother and in circles. this is hard. you will pedal less smooth when you get more tired. very few people pedal in full smooth circles. the Q rings can help.
hope this helps as well.
for what it is worth, I don’t run them anymore since I switched to a full Campagnolo setup. I do miss them.

I feel great sometimes and at others just feel awkward, especially when standing. I really appreciate your take on them!

yeah they are not ideal for sprinting or standing because of that dead/flat spot they have.

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