Confirm Plan Start Dates for Pikes Peak APEX 9/24/20

When I purchase the plans, will I need to enter the date of my A race, and I will subsequently be given start dates for each plan?

If not, based on the duration’s of the plans you referenced (via a previous email), I came up with the plan start/end dates (working back from 9/24/20). I had to adjust the duration of the Sweet Sport Marathon MTB plan. If you could confirm the following start/end dates are correct I would appreciate it:

Resistance Training + Sweet Spot 1/16/20 through 5/7/20

Sweet Spot Marathon MTB 5/8/20 through 8/12/20

Breck Epic Sweet Spot 8/13/20 through 9/24/20.


Good morning @RockCaCO3 0 - you are able to choose any start date you wish, here’s how: