Hi, I need some advice for a hilly gran fondo within 8-9 weeks to come. My form is not that bad, CTL 90.
Most hills/climbs are between 5-15min, and duration will be around 5hours? I already have enough mileage in the legs to do these 5hours but I need some upper level (ftp/vo2max) improvements in order to survive the first surges on the climbs.
I am good at riding at tempo/SS, but everything above FTP is more a struggle.

Which plan suits best? The climbing interval or the Phil Gaimon’s strava PR plan? (<15 or >15). Any advice?


There is a lot of overlap but since you are concentrating on 5-15 minute climbs go with Phil’s Strava plan < 15 minutes.

It has the VO2 and anaerobic work above FTP you need to increase your ceiling with threshold work too

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Hi @FRANK , a quick question? For my vo2max workouts in the plan, you give some advice on how to execute them.

So you should focus on power and not heart rate? Because sometimes you can find some literature where they focus on time above 90% HR in order to execute a vo2max workout. So increasing total TIZ > 90%HR will be the goal of your session, even if your power drops a little, as long as your breating and heart rate is on vo2max levels it is ok.
What is the difference and where should I focus on?