Is "Climbing Intervals" the right plan for me?

Hey Cats

I am currently on Phil’s Strava PR >15 minutes plan. Going FUCKING great. Thank You sooo much Fascat! I am riding around 5 years now. But this is the first plan that I am totally committed to do, because it’s FUCKING great for me. Last week I got my vaccine so I took few days off and I moved the rides down. And on Wednesday during my ss bursts ride I set PRs on all the segments, wasn’t even trying.


I registered for a 2 day event. Two day hill climb event at the end of August.

First day it’s two climbs: 1st 9km, 550m el.gain at 6,1% avg grade, 2nd climb> 24km, 1200m el.gain at 4,7% avg grade.
Second day it’s again two climbs: 1st 18,8km 1265m el.gain at 6,8% avg grade(this is the most brutal), 2nd climb 35,6km 1265m el.gain at 4% avg grade.

Is Climbing Intervals the right plan for this event? Or, should I go with SS?


First off, welcome to the FasCat Coalition @viktor.bojadziev! We are stoked to hear that you are enjoying the plan and seeing improvements. :raised_hands:t3:

Yes, the climbing plan is 100% the plan you want!
The intervals in that will be specific to climbing… aka lots of sustained tempo, SS and threshold work. And I bet ya if you FtFP it… you’ll be setting even MORE PR’s… PR-arty anyone? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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