Brutal honest The 18 Week SS training completed

Hello All,
Brutal honest review

Today the 18 Week SS training completed.

Luckily, I purchased the SS 18-week plan from Fascat.

Beforehand I was cycling every day with no plan no idea what I was doing.

Am I going to be professional (HAHA) NO! Did I achieve my goal? Cannot prove it as my A cycle day was canceled due to Covid19. (

Did I know what to expect, what I need to do on my starting day? “ABSOLUTELY” NOT.

But I learn that with very hard work though, there is another way to upgrade my fitness for an endurance event.

After the initial communication with Fascat I was recommended to purchase the sweet spot training . I did. What am I’m doing?

Oh yes, I have now a plan, and now what? I started with very low expectations as I never used a program before. And my learning days started :blush:

What am I learning? Cycling? Yes. But so much more involved.

CTL, ATL, TSB, Rest days, Food, Calories, I could carry on.

It involves learning to focus concentrate on my efforts learn to remain dedicated, with some easier days and harder weekend rides, understanding the meanings of paces, zones, heart-rate efforts ect…

Did I purchase a cycling plan? “YES” – “BUT” It is not only a plan. Is a new way of life for me. That what I purchase and I know it now.

So much to learn all because of 1 plan I purchased!

As you see the cycling part is only the 1st part of the “saga”, the rest is an amazing new world if you are enthusiastic and of course if you wish to learn about it.

All this changed the meaning of my cycling? “ABSOLUTELY”, YES.

The plan provided me some very good days and very hard days. Even viewing a professional race now I understand it better than ever before.

Are the numbers important for that matter? NOT for this review. As all this is about me how do I feel, and what I achieved by completing this plan. That what is important for me.

All thanks, to the plan and the coaches from FASCAT. The motivation they provided is second to none, fast responses, and great advice.

The forum also has a great contribution to my success, and for that i thank you all.

I changed physically and mentally my attitude has been transformed about a structured plan, also I would recommend to anyone from a beginner to a professional to follow a well-designed plan.

That it for now until my next plan

Best regards



Starting off our week with a HUGE smile @adlerlucsi!!! :star_struck: Feedback like this is what fuels our fire as coaches and is TRULY what we look forward to the most.

All of us here at Fascat have been amazed at your curiosity and desire to learn and improve both on and off the bike… and from reading this review I think everyone else can understand just how much progress you have made in 18 short weeks. Huge congrats on #FtFP’ing your first training plan. We are excited to see you continue to improve and are here to help you as best as we can along the way.

Keep up the incredible work! :leopard::muscle:t3:


I really like this point, FTFP has been great practice for daily discipline that bleeds over into every other aspect of life. You must have at least a functional handle on work, personal, relationships, and every other aspect of your time in order to be consistently training day by week by month. My 20s would’ve been a lot easier on me overall had I picked up a bike in that decade and absorbed these passive-yet-profound lessons on focus and long/medium term goal planning.


I totally agreed, but now for me is a new beginning :slight_smile:

Thank you
Best Regards


I marshal the Wicklow 200 Lucsi and I am nearly finished the same plan which I also think is great. Hopefully I get to help thro a roundabout on the W200 soon. My big tip for that day when it comes is dont stop eating.