Breathing excercises

Happy Fri-YAY all!

I thought I’d start a discussion around a recent YouTube video I saw and the conversation that followed in the comments, does anyone do any off bike breathwork such as Wim Hof or with a device like the Airofit?

It’s been about 1 year now for me that I’ve been practicing the Wim Hof breathing method every morning before doing anything. I do 3-4 rounds of breath work with retention, inhaling via my nose into my belly using my diaphragm and exhaling through my mouth, when I go walking I focus on nasal breathing in to my belly and when I do Z2 sessions I focus on breathing primarily through my nose. I have noticed improvements in general in my sinuses, I’m much calmer and don’t get “triggered” as easily and it appears it has really helped my cycling endurance, supplying oxygen to my muscles and lowering my HR.

I first learned about Wim Hof on a Joe Rogan podcast (he’s been on 2x) and more recently a fellow by the name of James Nestor has written a book titled “Breath” who was also recently on Joe Rogan and talks about the importance of learning how to breath properly by breathing through your nose and out of your mouth is the key to increasing performance & overall health. Something the majority of us never think about.

Personally I find the subject very interesting thus interested if you do anything and what that might be.


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I do and recommend breath work during your yogaGlo routines .

Breath to movement and bring that concentration and focus over to your VO2 max intervals about half way then the effort when it hurts the most.

If you can take a deeper breath and relax you are doing it right :muscle: