More transparency on what I'm buying please

So I finished the 10 Week Resistance Training Plan a month or so ago. Now I’m looking to get an early start for the next CX season, so I purchased the CX Off Season 24 week Plan. I eagerly added the plan into my calendar, and what is this? The first 10 weeks (basically half the plan) is exactly the same as the 10 Week Resistance that I just bought and finished.

Do I feel taken advantage of? A little. Especially considering there are so many ways to do the gym work outside of just squat, leg press and leg curl, so I would think it would be pretty easy to add a little variety or options here and there. Instead it’s exactly the same, copy and pasted.

Hi @bclarkson - we transparently posted an example two week calendar:

If you have already done the 10 week resistance plan, you don’t need to repeat the weight phase - rather move onto sweet spot training. @Lacey_Rivette can help get you into the right plan but I think you’d do well by sweet spot part 3 then our cx summer sweet spot followed by our six weeks till cyclocross.



Hi Frank.

Perhaps the example 2 weeks is from an older permutation of the plan? Because it doesn’t really look like what I got but it’s not really my point. It doesn’t tell me “Hey watch out, the first 10 weeks of this plan are the same as this other plan that we sell.”

So, I’m wondering if your plans are all mainly constructed from the same fewer progressions. So for example, one plan might be progressions A then B then C. Then another plan will be B then C then D. All I got for my money on the 2nd plan was progression D. That’s totally fine but I would like to know that before buying.

Wouldn’t it be great if you sold each individual progression for $50 each and then had a free document that showed how the customer can string them together to fit his/her schedule and/or goals? Sure you could (transparently) bundle a bunch of progressions together as a longer plan but, then it would be clear to the customer what they don’t need when they make their next purchase.

@Lacey_Rivette I’m open to advice. However, I’m operating under the assumption that purchases are final and that you can only switch plans between the beginner, intermediate, and advanced versions.

That is what this free forum is for, there are a lot of threads where you can see other athletes asking similar questions about optimizing fitting their plans together, OR you can ask a new one and get an answer, OR you can sign up for the coaching subscription for regular adjustments based on your actual personal progress. The plan itself is the one-size-fits-most document you speak of and the available interaction with the FasCat coaches here is better than any additional prefab guide document and doesn’t leave you guessing or crowdsourcing training advice from non-coaches as you fine tune it to your one-in-a-million personal lifestyle and schedule.

I’ve purchased a mixture of shorter 6wk plan versions as well as some of the “strung- together” plans. There are some advantages to using both as you adjust your year with varying goals and obstacles; The benefit of the longer plans is that rest weeks and the flow between them are pre- optimized for athletes who are using that particular progression and you can just plug and play your summer or year while the shorter ones can be used between races or whatever you and the coaches advise should you ask for it.

I’d suggest making a new thread or continuing this one, discuss your goals and time, and categorize it as “which plan should I do”. You’ll get your personalized answer from a coach and you can then ask to sort out the plans you own if you bought something different, FasCat copiously advertises a no questions asked refund policy.


That’s good to know. And it makes everything else moot.