Resistance + Sweet Spot Training Plan (Advanced) Issue

Hi guys,

I ran into a small issue with the advanced version of the 32-week resistance + sweet spot training plan. Every time the 2-hour and some of the 3-hour Zone 2 endurance workouts are scheduled in the plan they are not built using the workout builder. So to get them to upload to the wahoo workouts, I’m having to recreate the planned workouts and delete the one from the plan to get everything to sync properly. Is there a way to get this updated so this isn’t an issue for others and myself for the remainder of this plan?



After digging further, It looks like the only weeks this is occurring are weeks 6-13. After the second week of the strength phase starts, the 2-hour endurance workouts switch over to the workout builder style workouts.

Hey Clayton!

Thanks for pointing this out to us! Looks like it was a glitch within the workout builder as it was created but glitching when exported. Ive changed that on our backend.
So again thank you for pointing that out!

Enjoy the plan!


Thank you for fixing that! It had me scratching my head for awhile trying to figure out what was going wrong.

of course! Please let me know if you find any other glitches/typos as we are always looking to make our plans better!