Big day in the middle of SS18W

We are planning the annual WRIAD trip in April. I will be in the middle of SS18W. The date lands on a big SS group day of 274 TSS and is followed by a regeneration week. Last time it took around 400 TSS, and I felt pretty normal after 3 recovery rides. Does this completely skew FTFP? 1st big event will be Crusher.

You might go into the event a little fatigued. Being the last week in a build it is usually really fatiguing. I would probably take the Thursday before off. Then on Friday before doing an easy zone 2 spin for an hour max with maybe 3 x 10 second full gas sprints.

Going into a regeneration week following really works out for you! So just follow that rest. It shouldn’t skew FTFP too much. By the end of the week your TSS planned vs actual will not be too much different.

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Ya - big rides like this are awesome if the timing is right and like Coach @Jake says it is.

Think of the big ride like extra TSS credit!