Best one plan for roadie dipping toe into cyclocross this fall

Hello, I am a 54 year old roadie who did the 32 week Intermediate SS plan this winter and have a good set of fitness this summer. Been mixing road rides with trainer sessions and a training race here and there. Used to race cat 2 but now 4’s very very little and mainly faster group rides. Also do a bit of gravel riding on a Giant CX bike in the winter mainly.
Looking to jump back into doing a few local cyclocross races this fall but don’t want to do anything major just yet. So I’m contemplating getting one of your CX specific plans but really only one as I will probably be doing some century/fondo type rides in September and won’t really have time for multiple plans as I will probably race mainly in mid-October/early November. So I’m thinking maybe trying to fold in one of the plans starting around mid-September or so.
Given all that background info, what CX specific plan would you recommend? I’m thinking either 6 Weeks to Cyclocross or the Cyclocross Intervals plan are my main options but I would really appreciate your input on which is better for my needs or if there is something else even more ideal.
Thanks for all the great plans. They’ve really helped me get my fitness back on track!
Terry Ashby
Richmond, VA

Hello, just checking in. Any thoughts on best Cyclocross plan if only choosing one? See previous message of you want more details.

Hands down, by far the most comprehensive one stop shop cyclocross plan is our “Six Weeks till Cyclocross” plan.

it was the og plan that we first designed for a few athletes that included everything all cx’ers need to do including:
running workouts
skills workouts
race start practices
and of course intervals for cx.

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Sounds like THE plan then. Thanks for clarifying. I’ll be getting that one soon

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