After 32-Week Training Plan

Hi Team -

I have some big life changes coming up including selling a home and relocating from the Bay Area to Encinitas/Carlsbad. Given these changes, I am considering going back and restarting the 32-week plan, which would complete in mid-December and then following up with either 8-weeks of SST or 4-week SST + Hill Interval Training.

My next event given the global pandemic would be in May, Belgian Waffle Ride.

I would love to get some perspectives. Thank you all.

That certainly seems logical @richardsmith - a few other considerations is how to have fun in 2020 and can you do any events this year. For example the BWR is Nov 8th of this year.

One of the best ways to prepare for the BWR in May of 2021 to is test yourself in the BWR this November. You will learn so much.

That said - 18 weeks of sweet spot followed by our hill and road intervals plans is good good training for the BWR. Its like a road race with a ton of climbing that happens to have some gravel sections.

Thanks Frank. Yes, totally agree with that perspective. The biggest unknown will be whether the event will actually take place in the fall. I am super hopeful, but there are definitely still some unknowns. I may just take your advise on the 18-month SST and go for it. Thanks again.

You have to train with a plan as if it were going to happen. A ‘state of readiness’ I’ve been calling it. Even if the event doesn’t happen you will have developed and improved as a cyclist from the training.

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Sage wisdom. Alright 18-week SST here I come. :rofl: