Alpine Fondo events

Hi everyone,

Alpine Granfondos here in Europe are usually ~180 km / 4000+ m races, with 3+ big climbs (1+ hrs). The first part of the race is always crazy fast, with high speeds and power bursts on every corner, every 2-3 minutes to keep the pace of the lead group.

Last year I did 6 weeks Climbing Intervals TP + 6 weeks Fondo TP to prepare my “A” event.

I was quite confident on my climbing, but the race day I was unprepared for so many hi-power bursts. The result: at the top of the first climb I was already cramping hard - and my race was more or less over.

What is your advice? How to include intermittent sprinting into endurance plans?



Hi Riccardo - so very much like a road race and therefore you want to add in some anaerobic and VO2 work + sprints like we have in our road race intervals plan:

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