Adjusting Training Plan after 2nd dose of vaccine

I am currently in the middle of the SS Part 3 Plan. I have my 2nd dose of the vaccine scheduled for the beginning of the last week of the plan. If I have side effects and am unable to train effectively, how should I adjust my plan/workouts?

Should I push back all of the workouts so that I complete all of workouts after a short break to recover from the vaccine? Or should I just skip the workouts and pick up the rest of the workouts when I’m feeling better? Or something else?

Thank you

Hey @eddie.krillenberger - this is something we have been working with all of our 1x1 coached athletes. It is truly hard to say without looking at your plan or monitoring how your body responds. Typically, most athletes have done well with taking 2 days off after the shot (usually okay the day of the shot) and then slowly picking back up after that. Again, this is just an observation and all athletes are different, so listen to your body and don’t push yourself to train if you feel overly fatigued…