Adjusting Plan Start Date

Hi all,

I was asked to redirect my question to this forum.
My question is: I am starting a 32 week 70.3 training program but my first goal race of next season is 30 weeks away. How should I adjust my program to suit?
Just skip the first two weeks or apply another method?



If you have been training and have fitness you could skip first two weeks but your first rest week will come quickly. So depends what you have been doing.

Maybe the best option would be take out Week 1 and week 5 (first week after the first regeneration week) especially if you have a fair amount of training in so far

I’ve just come off my final season race a fortnight ago so I’ve got training in the bank behind me- think I’ll go with the Week 1/5 option you suggested, that makes sense.
Thanks for the great advice!

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