Iceman Training Plan

Who is competing at Iceman this year? Let’s do this plan together and share our 7 week journey!

The start of the FasCat Iceman Training Plan begins today! Not only will it make you faster and more prepared for Iceman, it will also give you a boost of fitness before winter and the offseason starts.


Purchased the new 2019 plan and loving it.

For those on the fence there is still plenty of time to jump in. This will be my 4th year using this to get ready for the race. Unlike a stock plan that you could find somewhere else this plan is really tailored for the course and race as @Jake races it himself. So when you are getting ready to climb Anita’s Hill know that all of your hard work will get you over the top.

I’ll share my training journey over the upcoming weeks.

Let’s get a FASCAT group out there. @FRANK? @Jackson?


Podcast being recorded in 45 minutes. So look for that.

I’ve completed the first two workouts, field test and tempo 35 minutes.

I’ve been using some Strava-vals for the first two days for a little motivation, especially the field test yesterday which did include a KOM! Interestingly enough power was only 4 watts lower than when I did it in 2014, two months after finishing 20th in USPRO road race in Chattanooga. I’m no where near that fitness, but guess can put a ok 20 minute now and again.

We’ll have the podcast produced and edited full gas :joy_cat:(as soon as possible.

in the meantime here is @Jake ’ s Day 34 :smiling_imp:

Podcast is up for Iceman! Take a listen!


Thanks Jake - talking with you was fun and made me really want to come out for the IceMan one day!


It’s on the schedule to listen to tonight. Everyone has to do at least one Iceman. It really is an experience.


My first year doing the plan. 4th year doing the iceman. I dont have a power meter but I am in the second week of the plan and like it so far.


We have some threshold to get done today. Let’s get it done!

Looking forward to it. Going to be a great day for some outdoor thresholds.

Today was a beautiful day, no humidity, a light breeze and 70s.

Here’s where I did my thresholds. No power meter but I think I nailed it.

Awesome! On course, can not get any more race specific than that! You’ll have to share a picture or two of the course as we get closer.

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Finishig out my week of training last week with the two weekend rides below. Now I’m getting ready for some VO2 Max and Race Start intervals. (BTW. Those hurt. Bad.)

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My week in review.

Got my VO2 Max work in. Nailed it.
Did my 2x10 MTB Starts. Felt really good that day.
Did a openers workout on Friday for a “gravel” race on Saturday.
Got my “gravel” race in. Ended up being a lot of sand and mud so while a great workout missed some top end intensity. In other words the sand and mud made great Iceman training. :smile:
Got my threshold intensity work in on my hour ride on Sunday.

Looking forward to this week. If anyone is near Traverse City there is an out and back scheduled for Sunday morning at 9:00 which I’ll probably use as my trail ride. I also plan on doing my Iceman simulation ride leaving from race start on Saturday.

Nice work! Had a good week as well! Just failed a bit yesterday by missing a ride. No excuse good enough for that.

The out and back is a great way to get in a huge training ride and the scoping out the course! Sure you have done that plenty fo time, but don’t guys usually race on the way back. Might be the best simulation workout. So I’d just recommend treating that like the simulation ride. Don’t do too much Saturday and be ready for that.

If they don’t really race or ride hard on the way back than yeah stick to the plan like you have. Just perfect plan.

Yea. Pretty much never a lack of opportunities to go “race” the course this time of year. And with the weather coming. You might be on to something. :slight_smile:

Got to ride with some VIP’s for my Out and Back this past weekend. Well actually we did a Back and Out. :slight_smile:

So I just found out I will be travelling for work the week of Iceman. I will be able to get a ride in on Monday. I will be gone Tuesday and Wednesday. Friday I of course will do openers. What should my Monday and Thursday rides be?


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Saw you got to ride with the GOAT. Lol!

Take November 24th off, on the 25th due the Threshold intervals, on Saturday do the zone 2 skills ride. Sunday off.

Then week of the race on Monday, do Tuesdays workout, Tuesday and Wednesday off and then Thursday just a super easy spin. Nothing hard at all, 30 - 60 minutes max. Friday openers.


It’s always a pleasure riding with him.

Thanks for the plan change.

Here’s to a great day.