Adjusting FTP In TP After Field Test

Hello again coaches!

I’m following the 32 week plan and yesterday I did my prescribed Field Test during the 2nd week in SS2, which is also my regeneration week.

According to my test, I increased my FTP from 305 to 315. The last time I did an FTP test was on November 24th 2020. Both tests were done in the same location, only the temp in Nov was 48, and the temp yesterday was 90. I originally started this plan last year, but got covid in January so I stopped everything. Fortunately, I did all the weights right before getting sick but I am not sure how much that really benefited me anyway. After much rest, I started back with SS1 on June 7th and have been sticking with the plan since then, hitting all the goals, turning everything green.

My test went very well and I am happy to see progress, but I have to remind myself that the majority of the progress has been created in the last 8 weeks of work. This makes me excited to finish SS2 and SS3.

Since I have a higher FTP now, I have adjusted my power zones in TP and I now see my future workouts have adjusted as well, but I am not sure what else I need to do inside of Training Peaks to reflect this new number.

Does the PMC adjust the projected CTL of the remaining workouts in the plan automatically, or do I have to recalculate inside there.

Also, as a side question, I just noticed my ATL constant was set at 7. I have never adjusted that and it was set like that from the beginning. I am 43 years old, should I set that number to 5 instead? Also, my heartrate threshold on the 20 min test yesterday was 166. I watched the “Masters CTL #'s in Training Peaks” video on YouTube the other day and Frank was talking about adjusting that based on age. Is that where that is adjusted? Is there anything else I should be doing in TP while I am at it? The reason I ask is because I just activated my free premium so I am seeing all the awesome data now. Besides adjusting zones and adding the plans to the calendar, everything else is pretty much default.

Thanks for any help on this topic.



Had no response so, bump. :grin:

just to give it a bump, strong work on your FTP increase!!

I have used TP and WKO for years. Never really felt the need to adjust ATL duration etc. It seemed to correlate well to my sensations and I never felt like I was blindsided by sudden hidden form or sneaky fatigue that the numbers didn’t indicate.

PMC only seems to indicate what work has been done, not predictive. The calendar is where I usually see the predicted loads/TSB based on assigned workouts.