Adjusting FTP during a Training Plan

Hey All,

I am 3 weeks into the 16 week resistance training / sweet spot base plan, which totally rocks, and want to increase my set FTP, but I don’t have a field test scheduled until February. I determined my FTP last year on a pretty steep climb when I was mentally unprepared to go all out for 20 minutes. The FTP I have been using from last year is about 90% of my FTP from previous years and I did 4x8 MTIs at that FTP a few weeks ago and was able to have a conversation. Should I adjust my FTP number, or should I wait to take the field test in 2 months?


Do you use heart rate as well? Can you compare your threshold heart rate to FTP? See how that compares to efforts now and before. You could just increase it a bit of the heart rate and perceived exertion was too low.

Right now being in the strength phase it isn’t as crucial to having the most accurate FTP. Most workouts are strength based and full gas with the sprints and standing starts.

An FTP test would alter the plan and interrupt it. Also it wouldn’t be as strong as it could be. If you have any hard group rides you can use numbers from that.

Jake - Thanks for the advice! I plan on getting a heart rate monitor soon and will see how it correlates to different efforts and wait to do a full test until the schedule calls for it.

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