Should I adjust my FTP setting mid plan?

Hi there, I have just finished the first 4 week block of the 18 week SS plan and I am loving the structure. I am already feeling a gain in my power from when I first tested at the start of the plan. Question is, do I stick with this original FTP setting or should I increase it to ensure I am still hitting the sweet spot?
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Nice! That means some good adaptations are being made. As your body adapts to the workouts SS will start to feel “easier” but you might still be training the right systems. This is when the intervals get longer so you are continuing to push the body for further and further adaptations.
In general if it is early season for you I would say stick to the testing within the plan. But also check out how your HR is sitting to your power as well as your perceived exertion. If there are no variables at play (being tired from training or life in general for example) and your HR and perceived exertion are much lower then the power across several workouts, then you might want to test again as this is a big sign that you have gotten stronger then your zones.


Thanks for the advise Isaiah, I will keep an eye on my HR response vs prescribed power and see how they track over the next few weeks. Still early in my season so eager to get going!

If I find another test is required when would you recommend I take it in relation to my training cycle, rest week, first day of the next training block?

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Third day into a rest week (first workout) is likely your best impromptu place to give it a go assuming the plan hasn’t changed.

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It took me until the end of the 2nd mesocycle to feel significant gains, mostly represented by a reduction in RPE but also a reduction in HR at SS (-10 to 12 BPM). However, I’m resisting the urge to retest in favor of consolidating gains for one more mesocycle.


Sounds like you are making some solid progress - congrats! I have decided to see how my numbers play out through the second block and then maybe test again if I see any significant gains.

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