Threshold Values change

Good morning all,

I am following SS1 plan right now. After my second workout TP recommended to update my HR threshold.
Please bare in mind i completed the 20min filed test which provided me the data necessary to update the zone fields.
My question is should i update TP with the new thresholds as TP recommending or wait for my next 20min FTP test in 4 weeks?

Many thanks

Hey Adler,
Just checked your TP. The reason you saw that is because after your FTP test, you did not update your HR zones… only your power zones. I went ahead and updated those for you. So heads up coach @Jake! they are correct now :slight_smile:


Use the number from your power test. Its odd that you would have a higher heart for the workout the following day. And @Lacey_Rivette handled. I’ll just go eat lunch.


Many thanks to you all
Thank you for supporting me

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