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Hey Guys,

I have a questions about a few of the plans I am looking to purchase. I already own Sweet Spot 3. I would like to purchase the Resistance Training + Sweet Spot Plan. I was wondering if that includes Sweet Spot 1? If it does, I was going to purchase that program and then Sweet Spot 2 to complete the collection for my winter training. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I was also wondering about the Indoor / Outdoor using Zwift. Since I live in Western, PA, I do the majority of winter training indoors. I also do a lot of my workouts on the trainer because of our terrain. Is this program geared toward a Zwift racing season?

Finally, I do a weekly race series on Zwift every Wednesday night. Are there any suggestions on how to modify the training program to count my weekly race as a workout?

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get things in order for December and the new year.


Hi Coaches,

I am a faithful training plan customer who has relied on a number of your plans over the last few years. I will be turning from Base to Race the week of April 6. I am coming off an off-season in which I will have completed 10 weeks of resistance training and 12 weeks of sweet spot.

I am training for the Cheaha Challenge, a 100-mile event with 10,000 feet of climbing I want to race and be competitive in. I did it 3 years ago and did fairly well and would like to beat my previous time.

Coming from Northern Michigan, my limiter is my lack of long rides to this point, having completed almost all of my training on Zwift since November. I also have 2 young kids (2 and 1 years old), a full-time job and am picking away at a grad school class. So I have to keep my training efficient (1 hour early AM on the weekdays and longer rides on weekends).

I am wondering if you think I should use the Fondo program to get the long rides in, the road race program since I want to race the event, or the hill climb program - since there is so much climbing? Or maybe a combo of these?

Thank you for your help and good luck this weekend in Oklahoma! Can’t wait to hear all about it on a coming podcast.

Dave Cencer
Cadillac, MI