About the off season plan

Hi, I’m a bit on the fence for purchasing the off season. It’s an investment let’s say. Do you get an introduction to talk about your goals before the plan is activated? I’ve been trying to find out. The pages does speak about the ATP.

Do all exercises off the bike come with video’s?

Also, one other question. I have a fulltime job and twin toddlers, I think max 8 hours per week is just fine, though I can simetimes squeeze in longer rides. If I choose basic, is that only the hours or also the “level” (for lack of better words)


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Hiya @tdb - this podcast and training tip may be helpful for you:

To talk with a coach - you would need to hire a coach which is different than buying an following a plan.

the basic is in hours (4-8 per week) See our FAQ for more about our plans and thanks for your interest!

to Answer your question - no, not directly.