On Season 32 Week Training Plan Podcast (& Training Tip)

Greetings everyone - thought I’d share this training tip and podcast we recorded about On Season Training

This tip and pod covers: the first 4 annual training phases:

  1. Fall Foundation, Aerobic Endurance & Muscle Tension Intervals.
  2. Resistance Training: 10 Week, 4 Phase, Cycling Specific.
    or the at Home Version
  3. Sweet Spot Part 1, 2, and 3: building a “Hemi-Powered Aerobic Engine”.
  4. Race Specific Intervals.

1-4 is essentially 36-37 weeks and if your goal event occurs before then I/we recommend you skip the 3 Fall Foundation and go right into lifting. If you need more time than that you may want to decrease the amount of sweet spot training you do - from 18 weeks down to 15 or 12 for example.

If your first race is not an A race then you could do 2-4 of race specific intervals and continue on with the rest of the intervals after the first race - let than B race serve as a hard group ride for awesome training.

There are many many scenario’s - the above are a few. We are here to help if you want to use this thread for questions on the above!

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