Ability to reset caledar

Good morning
I tried to change the calendar for my training plan in Training Peaks and I now have two or three workouts per day. I am finding it difficult to remember which one is for the specific day. I want to reset the calendar to reflect the recommended days for my Sweet Spot 1 plan. This would have me doing a recovery day workout on Monday, riding Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with Friday off. Then group ride on Saturday and a workout on Monday. Is that something you can do or can you give me directions on how to make this happen.
This is still all new to me so thanks for your patience with me as I work to get it right and increase my FTP.

Hey @markgronemeyer,
Sounds like you have multiple plans scheduled for the same time. Good news is that this is easy to fix! All you need to do is go into your Training Plans Library and remove any plans that are applied at the same time as your SS part 1 plan. Here is a screenshot of how to do that. You can also read this training tip for more info on how to adjust your plans :slight_smile: