Repeat training plan?

Have’t seen this listed anywhere. But, with road, gravel, and XC basically canceled for the year and my focus shifting to CX; I want to repeat a plan I finished and then start on my RR interval plan. How do I do this?
Also, I never ‘accepted plan’ for my RR intervals in time back in December and cant’ add it to TrainingPeaks.
Thank you!

You should be able to click on the training plan from your training plans library and choose the date you want to start the plan and then hit apply. Can do this through the app under More > Training Plans. Or on desktop.

We can resend you the link for your RR interval. Look in your inbox for that. Do you have a customer order number for that plan?

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Also @DC25 rather than performing a lot of full gas intervals the timing for when we may be (:crossed_fingers:) racing again would point to you working on your base with our sweet spot training.

This is the switch from race back to base we have been mentioning since COVID-19 has hit

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Thanks @Jake @FRANK. the plan I wanted to repeat was strength/resistance and sweet spot. I’m saving full gas intervals until we hear of racing will return!

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Yes - repeat the sweet spot portion and double down on your at home strength and conditioning exercises on your off the bike days . (Don’t goto the gym :wink:

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Once you purchase a training plan i.e. I am thinking about the 6 week climbing one, can I re-use this in the future, am not training for anything specific but enjoy climbing and would not mind doing the six week plan two or three times a year.

All of our training plans are yours for life for you to do over and over again if you wish.

All you need to do is reapply them from your training plan library, like this:

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Sounds great, I can train Saturday and Sunday, live around hilly country so easy to get to hills (easy 4 hours per day) plus during weekdays 1.5 hours x 2 or 3 days, however am 55 years old and at present have 63 Fatigue, 50 Fitness and -22 Form, started using TP on 1st June, would you recommend the intermediate plan?

Have an Elite Divo 2 and Zwift for weekday indoor rides as do not have time for outdoors

I’m nearing the end of the 18 week SS plan. Next up is the 6 weeks 'til 'Cross. There is a 2 week gap between the 2 plans. Any ideas on what to do w/ those 2 weeks? Thanks

We recommend intermediate for most athletes. Basic is for those who are really just starting into cycling or have only 6 - 8 hours a week to train. Advance is for those who are able to just ride and recover all day. Intermediate is great for everyone else.

Maybe a great time for a mid season break! Especially if you have been at it all year long. If not you could repeat a week similar to the last week of the 18 week sweet spot plan, then a regeneration week before you start your next plan. Either way you are going to need to take an easy week.

After that you can do some easy zone 2 rides for 4 - 5 days the following week to open back up before you start your 6 weeks to cross. You

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