A couple TSS questions

Thanks in advance. I have a couple questions about TSS.

During my 2 week transition/cross training period, I’ve kept track of the hrTSS on my ski touring ascents and logged that into training peaks. Is this OK? Will it inaccurately elevate my TSS?

Also, I live in UT at 7,000 feet. I will be logging a fair amount of trainer miles over the next 4 weeks. Obviously, the TSS will not be as high as outdoors. Should I keep track of TSS lost and try to make that up as the weather improves?

Thank you

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Hi @ervinhunt - yes, this is good. The more data the better I always say :nerd_face:

And remember with the rolling 42 day average if its artificially high after 42 days your CTL will correct itself anyway. So go ahead and upload.

As far as trainer TSS goes - that is only what you are doing so do not adjust, that would be giving yourself false extra credit :wink:

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Awesome. Thanks for your help!

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