HrTSS count towards planned TSS?

Very brief question, but if I use my non-pwoermeter bike to do a ride and use a HR monitor instead, will HrTSS count towards the TSS target for the ride (it’s a weekend group ride)?

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Absolutely! Make sure your heart rate FTP is set properly so you can get an accurate HrTSS. I have a lot of riders we use HrTSS regularly.


With that said now you can’t use your HrTSS from lets say mowing the lawn or etc.

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That is mlTSS [mowing lawn Training Stress Score :joy:] not to be confused with ssTSS [snow shoveling TSS]


Thanks for the responses, both! I have my HR zones etc set up accurately, so sounds like I’ll be fine using my other road bike as planned.

I’ll have to get creative with what tasks I can utilise my HrTSS for in future :laughing:

I have an additional question on this topic. Last week I did a 5 day Mountain biking camp. I do not have power on the mountain bike, but did use my heart rate monitor. I left the garmin running for the entire ride. Meaning, it did not stop when I stopped so the total ride time is less than the actual time displayed. The hrTSS seems high. I am a new mountain biker & I did more than my share of hike a bike with a high HR & respiratory effort. We also did our share of stopping, talking, etc. Any suggestions on the total TSS I should keep vs “cut”?

I could just take out the time time you weren’t riding but that is about it. Not sure that would even account for that much. Is your heart rate threshold set accurately? On average a hard zone 2 ride would be 50 TSS per hour. A good tempo paced mountain bike ride might be more since you are climbing, out of saddle and accelerating and etc. Could be as much as 60 - 65 TSS per hour, if not more.

You could go look back at a group ride you may have had on the road and compare your average heart rate and see what your TSS came out to be with power.

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Thanks Coach Jake. Appreciate your speedy response.

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