4 man 24hr Race

I have been roped-in as a late addition to a 4-man team for a 24hr race. The strategy is each man does 10miles/16km distance then rest in rotation. Distance is 555kms. I was on TT plan untill this came along. Should I go back to SS plan or continue with TT plan? The race is on 5th Aug.

Not really much you can do in terms of gaining any different adaptations at this point. However this weekend you may want to do a longer ride with sweet spot efforts. Ideally you would do maybe 8 hours with your team and practice this strategy. Follow up with a longer ride the following day as well. Do the first one later in the day and the next one early. Making two rides in a 24 hour period.

But as you approach that race week you want that to be light, much like a taper week or regeneration week. Go into it fresh.

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Thank you @Jake invaluable advice

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@Jake we got it done in just over 20hrs thanks for your help. 19000ft of climbing and just shy of 350miles. Finished at 4.15am this morning.Will post photo in race pics


Nice work! Congrats!