How to Start a Plan with Current TSS/CTL

I just signed up for the 18 week SS plan. I am not sure if I should start this Monday or take a week to recover.

For the last 3 weeks I have done: 4x4 or 4x8 VO2 Max, 2x20 Tempo, 90 min endurance, Tabata 2x15 (30 sec x30 sec), and 4 hr endurance rides on Sun. This usually is about 550 TSS. I planned on using next week as a recovery week and FTP test in the back half before I changed my plans and signed up for Fascat.

Should I just cut the rest of my work short and do easier rides (was going to do Tempo today and Tabata/Long Endur on weekend) and be ready for the plan Monday, take a week recovery and start the 8th, or just hammer this week out as is and start the plan on the 4th?

You can finish the plan you are on now and then take a rest week next week. Can just copy the 4th week of the regeneration week front eh 18 week plan if you like or choose your own. Then start the FasCat plan on the following Monday. Best to go into the new plan fresh! Also the first workout of the plan is a field test so you would be set there!

For your Wednesday workout during your rest week you could do a 2 x 10 minute Full Gas effort. Resting 5 minutes between. Do this to help determine a pace you can hold for your 20 minute test. This can help you from going out too hard or too easy.

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