32 Week Off Season + Sweet Spot - FTP Adjustment

I’m a couple of weeks into the 32 Week Off Season Resistance and Sweet Spot training plan. This is the first time I’ve ever used a training plan. Assuming some incremental gains, how often should I do a field test to determine if I need to adjust my FTP to update future workouts during the plan?

There are field test in the 32 week plan. Just do the field test as planned. Don’t need to over test.

Like Coach Jake says - there are two strategically timed field tests:

The first right after your weight lifting to set a baseline and establish your power/heart rate zones.
The second after you’ve gotten a lot faster to measure your improvement and also update your zones.

Good luck and #FtFP!

@FRANK, I am completing the resistance phase and beginning SS Part1 next week. I don’t see when to perform a FTP test.

The only tests I see is at the second week of Part 2 and end of Part 3.

When do I test?