Missed Field Test

Last weekend finished 18 weeks of sweet spot with SS3. The following Tuesday was scheduled field test, however this coincided with more than 2 feet of heavy snow in Denver.
Combination of preceding training stress, two days of shoveling and busier than usual weeks of work I didn’t feel at all rested when thought of field test came up, so I aborted.

My planning was to use this last week as a recovery week and conduct the field test at the start of the next plan as they are usually scheduled that way. But as I am moving on to Sweet Spot 4 I now notice the field test scheduled at start of plan is absent in the first week to appear later after 3 weeks of VO2.

Perhaps I should conduct field test this Tuesday and move plan a week out, but I’d like to ask Fascat to advise rather than guess how best to resume FTFPing.
Thank so much!

I am curious for that answer as well.

I switched from one plan to the other and did not do the test again. I chose one (the field-test that concluded the 1st training plan) and did a hard ride instead of the field-test to begin the next training plan.

You really only need to do the field test if you feel your FTP has changed. Look at your previous hard workouts and weekend rides. See if your power has come up and heart rate has come down. Look back on your data to see if you can estimate your FTP based on previous rides.

When you put plans together you don’t necessary have to do the field test every 6 weeks, actually you shouldn’t. Instead of the field test you can do 2 x 20 minute sweet spot or 3 x 10 threshold efforts. NO reason to over test.