32 Weeks Plan Review

Hi FasCats,

I just finished the 32 Week Plan (Resistance Training + Sweet Spot Off-Season Plan - Intermediate) and have to say I’m a completely different rider now. My aerobic engine is bigger than it’s ever been. After several years of inconsistent training and spotty results, I was able to raise my FTP from 190 to 230 using the plan. While I’ve had slightly higher FTP in the past, my 90-minute power is now only slightly below my 60-minute power, which means I can go harder longer. I’m sure this is a result of all the sweatspot work this plan includes. I’m now starting Sweat Spot Part 4 (Polarized) to build VO2 strength on top of my aerobic engine.

I’m 48-year dad with two daughters and a 50 hrs/wk job, the training plan allowed me to balance training with life to reach my goals. Whatever your cycling goals are, I know Fascat has a plan for you. If you want to get faster, buy a plan and start to #FTFP.

Rich Williams,
Ventura, CA


Thanks so much for your sharing your experience on our plans Richard and congrats on the fitness gains!!
We know balancing training, work and family life can be difficult at times but you clearly crushed it! A great testament for why we always advocate for athletes to get on a plan and #FtFP :slight_smile:
We are looking forward to hearing about your gains from the SS Part 4 Polarized plan! :boom::muscle:t3: