Finished MTB Intervals, next?

Hello, I just finished MTB intervals plan (actually this is the last week), and there are two races in May 5/2 and 5/22. What advice do you have for next plans? There’s just not many races right now, but what about MTB in-season? Or repeat the interval workout with new FTP? Thanks for your help! BTW, I enjoyed the interval plan and also the podcasts.

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Hey @robert.dale - Glad to hear you enjoyed the MTB intervals!

Do you plan to do any other races this year or have an A race in mind?

Thanks Lacey… My A race is 5/22…and then I will need to plan for the Fall season. BTW, I am also interested in your “win in the kitchen” plan :slight_smile:

One more question, is it an xc race or marathon?
If it is marathon, our sweet spot marathon plan would be a great choice. Then after that you could do SS part 4 and then our in season plan to have you ready for races later in the season.

Winning in the kitchen is always a a go to plan :wink:

It is xc, cat 2, ~18 miles.