First Month "Really" Training


Wonder are my numbers up to scratch for my first month of FTFPing. Finish SS4 in 2 weeks and will take 1-2weeks break. Your advice is to start off-season plan then. I have nothing serious on the horizon race-wise until mid-March.
Looking ahead I’m wondering when to start an interval plan for A race in March or am I jumping the gun?
After the race in March I hope to start TT Plan… again I know I’m projecting far into the future. But mentally need something to keep me afloat over winter months and map-out my training plan purchases with coaching subscription.
Starting my tabatas this week which I am really in awe of.

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First of all great job turning most days green and #FtFP’ing! That is what it is all about and how you will see the best improvements.

So basically the first workout I looked at was the first intervals you did from the SS4 plan. From that very first workout I started to wonder if your FTP was set properly. First set of intervals were good but the second set of 3 minute Vo2 max intervals you really crushed!! You did like over 140% of FTP on the last one. Being able to do that really made me question if your FTP was set too low.

The following week you did 4 minute ones which were in your zone and perfectly executed, but not as high. Figured that might have had something to do with it being indoors. Indoors can be harder to repeat the same effort as outdoors.

Then this past week you did do the field test which goes back to my first conclusion. Your FTP is higher than you had it set! You smashed that 20 minutes!! For 20 minutes your average power was 303 watts. So your FTP is 288 watts. That is a 16% increase! That is what we will put into TrainingPeaks and all your zones and workout from here on out will go off a 288 watt FTP. You actually rode harder in the second half of this effort compared to the first half so it was good. Wasn’t much so it was really well paced. It is kind of the opposite of what you did during your 10 minute efforts earlier in the week. For those you went much harder the first half of those intervals and faded in the second half. So really showed you holding 320 + was too much for 20 minutes. But you could do that 300 - 310 range.

We don’t need to look at CTL after doing SS4 interval plan as this plan is about the intensity! So all about hitting those vo2 max intervals which you have done! You completed the 4 and 5 minute intervals right in the middle of your previous zone 5 power. However it would be interesting to see what these efforts would be like with your new zones! Would have to work quite a bit harder. So the next two weeks you will be working harder and pushing higher watts. If something does not feel right let me know! Sometimes jumping up the FTP so much at once can be challenging.

Looks like you had no problem doing the 20 second efforts today! Crushed those! The reverse Tabatas are not too bad as you do get 4 times the rest! So 40 seconds compared to only 10 seconds. Your power was really high and you pushed even above target. So that was good! Tomorrows sweet spot efforts at the new zone should be interesting. You will be going for 241 - 278 watts target. Last block your sweet spot efforts were 235 watts and Vo2 max efforts were 280 - 290 watts. So let us know how those go for you after doing them tomorrow.

You need to start an interval plan 6 weeks before your first A race. Ideally you would get in 12 weeks of base (sweet spot) training before hand. So that is what we need to line up. If we need to take a week or two off the offseason plan to star the interval plan we can. We can match up a proper build leading into your interval plan.


Thanks a million.

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