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If you want to win on your bike, you’ll have to win in the kitchen first.

We’re back with another #WinningInTheKitchen special, serving up a conversation about where this all begins: the grocery store. It doesn’t matter how dialed your kitchen is or how motivated you are to cook healthy food if you don’t bring it home from the grocery store first. So we’re here to share our Go Fast Foods grocery list and share some of our favorite tips and foods to help you on your offseason nutrition plan. Our focus is discussing the main areas to shop for:

  1. Greens
  2. Vegetables
  3. Fat
  4. Protein
  5. Carbohydrate
  6. Fruit

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Remember (!) What What Alaphilippe DO?!?!

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I listened to this podcast whilst on my trainer yesterday. It was inspiring. Although I planned to order pizza the podcast motivated me to skip that nonsense. I chopped up a trio of sweet potatoes, drizzled avocado oil, added salt and pepper, then baked. This morning I went to the market and purchased oatmeal, dried mangoes, pumpkin seeds, and skipped the Diet Pepsi. Inspired? Heck yes!!


Yea @justinanderson nice work #FtFP & #WWAD? [What would Alaphilippe Do?}

When are you guys gonna come out with a cookbook?


I want to hear from at least 50 more people and then we’ll roll up our sleeves and put pen to paper. Help us spread the word @isaacrobinson!


I’d absolutely buy a cookbook. I do ok with my diet but definitely could do better.


Frank - So my wife and I are listening to you and Jackson on the podcast today while driving home from our daughter’s soccer game. When you guys start talking about the cookbook, she starts saying “ooh, ooh”. Then when you ask “who wants us to write a cookbook” she immediately says “yes” just like you had personally asked her the question and she was sitting right next to you. So kudos for the cookbook idea and for the engaging and conversational nature of your podcast. Since listening to Winning in the Kitchen together a couple of times six months ago, we overhauled our diet and lost a lot of what I’ll call un-needed weight. She’s not a cyclist but we’re both “winning”. I’ve probably talked to a half dozen family and friends, none of whom are cyclists, who’ve noticed how we’ve changed and asked how we’ve done it. So put me down for that many books and think about your potential readership as both cyclists and the family and friends of cyclists! Thanks.

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I am ready to purchase a Winning in the Kitchen Cookbook. Signed copies will hopefully be available.


I’d be down for buying a cookbook by Fascat.

Curious on @Jackson (or anyone’s) view on wild game red meat versus store bought. Only pointed out Jackson due to his nutrition background and schooling. Without trying to start an ethical debate, I do hunt and process the meat myself. Obviously, I have a lot of flexibility to what happens with the meat so I’m interested in what might be the “best” approach. It’s mainly venison and turkey at this time.


cookbook, yes please!! (X50)

The nutritional profile is going to be significantly better with wild game (likely less sat fat, leaner meat, higher omega-3 content, etc.) plus you’re not dealing with antibiotics, potential food-borne illnesses, and the environmental impacts of a factory farmed or industrially raised animal so in my opinion if you’re going to eat meat, hunting it yourself is definitely the way to go. It also forces you to come face to face with the act of killing an animal for food, which we’ve become so disconnected with through processed and prettily packaged meat in the grocery store. I think if more people were forced to kill the amount of animals they eat, they might rethink their food choices.


Fair point on facing the animal, it’s not easy for me.

Turkey is as is but venison takes a bit more work. I make a lot of stir fry with the meat or steaks with some veggie mix. There’s a lot more meat that I grind to get the most out of the animal. Unfortunately, I use beef fat to get to something like a 80/20 mix. Any good references (recipes, cookbooks, websites, etc.) to point me to to do better with the ground meat that doesn’t add beef fat? Jerky is about the only thing I know of.

Cook book. :man_cook:
Cook book. :man_cook:
Cook book. :man_cook:


I’d take a cookbook for sure! :man_cook:

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1 cookbook for me, please :raising_hand_man:

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Count me in for a cookbook as well!

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+1 on the cookbook. Only complaint my wife has had since I shifted nutrition plan about a year ago is the monotony of a handful of recipes. Would welcome a larger range of options.

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+1 on the cookbook.

Jackson, any thoughts on cold pressed veggie juices? I’ve been drinking a small amount of Evolution Cold Pressed Essential Greens with breakfast. Eating plenty of vegetable already, just seems like a good addition, but would appreciate your thoughts.

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:+1: to the cookbook.

Big fan of Buddha bowls.

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Mark down a few Canucks up here in Canada who are amped to get our hands on a cookbook (please include the nutritional information as well, as so many leave out this important information!). :canada::biking_man:‍♂:stuffed_flatbread::open_book:

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