New nutrition podcast: Summertime Nutrition for Cyclists!

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Summer is here, which means training and racing on the bike is being ramped up, goals are being achieved, and we can finally be outside more. However, it’s also a time to revisit our nutrition and maybe lose those lagging couple extra pounds or just dial things in to train harder and recovery even better during big training and racing blocks.

Coach Frank and Jackson sit down to talk through 3 very important and relevant topics in this conversation: using your powermeter to track caloric expenditure & quantify weight loss, fiber & satiety as it relates to healthy nutrition, and of course, #WinningInTheKitchen grocery shopping. It’s a great discussion that is always a popular topic, so please share with your friends, teammates, and family members who may need some extra nutrition help this season! Thanks for listening.

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Thanks @Jackson! Here is the link to the training tip we reference about using your powermeter to help measure your caloric expenditure [Hint, 1 kiloJoule = 1 calorie of food]

Aaaaand here’s the link to the YouTube video version of the podcast:

Great information Gents. Really appreciate all your insights.

One question that came to mind while listening to this podcast and another recent podcast from Whoop. What is the potential negative impact of cheese and other dairy products on performance? I don’t have an lactose intolerance issues. Is the impact more for persons with intolerance or is there something else going on here?

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Hi Vern - I think its a simple case of dairy being villanized as an ‘inflammatory’ food type. Dairy is also a source of saturated fats which I steer clear of in favor of the Go Fast Fats we mentioned in this podcast - the polyunsaturated omega 3 DHA (found in salmon) as well as the polyunsaturated fats found in avocado’s, almonds, & olive oil.

I also put ‘inflammatory’ in quotes bc a lot of foods get lumped into this category, including 'dairy. I just did a quick literature search and there’s information on both sides of the inflammation fences. But saturated fats is legit.

Hope that helps - good luck #WinningIntheKitchen

Awesome, thanks for the feedback Frank. #FTFP

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