Why Is It Hard To Eat After Racing?

Coaches and Smarties out there: just did my first race of the year; the leg searing Koppenberg in Superior Colorado. Then did an hour of extra credit. Went to a Chipotle for a chicken burrito which I can normally scarf down in its entirety but couldn’t finish more than half! I’ve experienced this before after long races in really hot conditions but today was shorter and cooler. Any idea why this happens? Anyone else experience this?


As you may know it’s important to eat in that 20 - 30 minute window of completion. After a race or workout you have 30 – 45 minutes where your “glycogen window” is open and you should consume a recovery snack that’s 3:1 – 5:1 CHO to Protein

It is harder for a few reasons, but mostly because your body is trying to focus on the muscles and recovering so a little less blood and energy for digestion. Make sure you are eating and staying hydrated during longer and harder races. This way you aren’t in such a deficit. I find that always make it harder as well.

You just need to force yourself to eat. Sounds like you were there ready to eat. Just scarf it down.

More on recovery here.


When you go super deep and really hard sometimes it takes awhile to feel like eating again. For training rides its natural to feel hungry as soon as you get home bc you didn’t go that hard. But a hot race can leave you not hungry for a period of time. Like Coach @Jake said, you gotta find something to scarf down.

For me personally, I can scarf down a rice bowl or a Chipotle style burrito. Yum. This may also be where an ice cold recovery smoothie waiting for you in a cooler in the car is helpful.

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