Post-post-race nutrition for long race

Thinking about longer efforts, like Steamboat gravel, I presume that the usual immediate post-race nutrition applies (protein + carbs), but what about the next meals through the next day or so? On the one hand my stomach didn’t quite feel ready for a meal until a few hours after getting my recovery drink down, and on the other, after this race and simulation rides, I’ve been hungrier than usual for a few days afterwards. I did feel like I did a decent job of during race nutrition. I’d like to replenish appropriately–what’s the best way to approach meals during the post-post-race time frame?

Hi @athena.dodd - I think the best way to approach meals after such a big day on the bike is to listen to your body and feed it. its almost like that new ‘intuitive diet’ which I think is a fancy way of saying eat when you are hungry.

My metabolism is in overdrive today and I’ve already had two breakfasts, a snack and a big lunch. Yesterday I didn’t feel much like eating because I was so wrecked from the race effort and the heat but today the hunger has come back strong and I think you want to eat!

I will also treat myself to a decadent dinner tonight! I burned 5,374 calories yesterday bet you did close to that so you really have to eat up to replenish all that. Prolly tomorrow too.

So same as you have been but now more - hope that helps and makes sense!

@athena.dodd I agree with Frank - try not to force too much food down because the body is definitely smart, but at the same time you gotta recover and food is key for that. So even if you don’t feel like eating a huge meal, having smaller more frequent meals can be super helpful after something like SBT as the effort is so big and thus the deficit is massive, so eating a lot even in the few days afterwards is going to be beneficial for enhancing recovery.