Fueling during MTIs

Wondering what to shoot for as far as fueling during MTIs? I was thinking fueling as recommend per zone 2 per the chart? My heart rate doesn’t typically get into sweet spot territory.

Yes just fuel as you would for a zone 2 ride. Normally these workouts are 90 minutes long and lower intensity so it shouldn’t take much. The more important thing would be your fueling after and recovery.

"After a race or workout you have 30 – 45 minutes where your “glycogen window” is open and you should consume a recovery snack that’s 3:1 – 5:1 CHO to Protein (2)

A great post ride recovery meal is chicken and rice with veggies or a protein smoothie [3:1 – 5:1] when I’m away from the kitchen at a race."


Thanks, Jake! Currently timing all my workouts when I can to finish up just before lunch then eat lunch.


That’s super idea. Must use that.

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Coach Jake is spot on! The meal plan has quite a few variations of chicken and rice for lunch that are an ideal post workout meal.

For fueling, do just as you assumed. Aim for about 15-25g of carbs. That could be as simple as 4-5 gu chews or 1 gel :ok_hand:t3:


I have the bowl of health on the meal plan for lunch today. Seems like it’s loaded with carbs and protein so should work?

Yep, you are good to go!

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Thanks! I had it for the first time yesterday, amazing!

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It is one of my favorites, stoked that you are enjoying it too!