Which Plan To Prep For The Snake?

Doing the Snake in Georgia in January on a single speed. Which plan would be best to do to prep for this? I feel like I have a base but want to just fine tune. Would you recommend the intervals, or another plan? Should I train on the bike I’m going to race on, or the road bike where the power meter is?


Hey Mike!
You have exactly 7 weeks until that event, so now is the perfect time to jump into a plan. I would suggest our sweet spot MTB plan if you are going to do the longer course. If you do the shorter courses, our intervals for XC Mtb’ing would be great.

As far as what to train on, I would recommend doing most of your rides with the bike that has the power meter to ensure you are hitting your zones and then doing 1-2 rides each week on the single speed.

Hope that helps!

Ive done the snake a few times on a single speed. No matter which plan you choose, id definitely be sure to do a few SS simulation rides prior to the race…like 3-4 hr climby rides… I dont know if youve done it before, but i always just thought of it of 4 solid climbs with ample singletrack rest in between…meaning you can go hard on the climbs and you have plenty of recovery before the next hard effort. Start is flat, so make sure you can spin fast. Also make sure you get a early start position, you dont want to be in traffic on a SS. I ran a 34x21 and was happy with that gearing.


The above comment is about the 30 mile version