Jumping the gun

I just bought Gravel grinder basic. Its January, am I jumping the gun and I would do better to start with a sweet spot plan at this point? The ride isn’t until May. If I like this plan, I would Love to do the Belgian Waffle ride too.
Thank you.

Hey @jeanette.kopell!
Have you done any base training prior to now? And is the race in May one that you would consider your A race and want to peak for?

If it is and you did that plan starting this monday you would finish at the end of February and then could do our gravel in season plan (which includes your taper). That would take you to mid april if you add in the appropriate rest week, which doesn’t line you up perfectly for that May event. Depending on how much training you have done thus far and when exactly in may that race is, I would suggest doing 3 weeks of SS part 3 then taking a rest week and jumping into the gravel plan you bought.

Then after that may race if you have a while before the next, you could repeat the SS part 3, possibly do SS part 4 and then use your in season plan again to set you up for that next race :slight_smile:

Thank you for replying so quickly. I have done base most of the Fall and winter. I was on CTS about 5 years ago and now just ride for pleasure and a little pain. I have had a power meter in the past, and now I ride with HR. I am 55 years old, and just want to have fun and be consistent. I want to do the gravel ride in Fruita , May 22. Just the 70 miler. I ordered a new bike, but it won’t be in until March. I have road andMountain bikes with lots of roads and trails. I live in Moab. I just bought sweet spot # 1 last night and will fit test Tuesday.
I was just wondering if I am on the right track.
Thank you.

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