Where to start after 15 month hiatus

howdy folks, so life got in the way, last winter i started the ‘16 week weight and basic’ - needless to say, i fell off my training, and im now pushing the scale at 270 (we eat a little too well, its possible im a gluton for my delicious meals) - all my discipline went out the window.

recently, i had sinus surgery, and ive learned how to breathe again. im going to be released to start doing physical activities.

im thinking road biking and weights for now.

ideally i dont have a weight loss goal, other than i should probably be around 200#ish. i would like to be more competitive at mountain biking next year, i did it for 2 seasons andi would like to do a few sprint triathlons too.

any thoughts on where i should start?

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Hi @jasonmiller - you’ve come to the right place and there are 2 places to start

#1 your 16 week weights + base plan. To be more thorough you could do our Fall Foundation before that and then do our 18 weeks sweet spot after the weights.


Then :: for your nutrition and weight loss start Winning in the Kitchen by follow this plan here:

Learn how to win in the kitchen with these recipes for 4 weeks here and then graduate into our Advanced Weight Loss plan here (this plan will be available October 13th):


thanks frank. i always win in the kitchen, but ive been eating more things than i actually should be. also, not working out and still pounding calories is not going to help things move along.