What to do between races?

I am ending the 6 week gravel training plan with BWR NC in 2 weeks. Then 2 weeks later, I’m doing Blood Sweat and Gears (another 100 mile sufferfest). So should I just try to spend most of those 2 weeks in recovery? It seems that since I won’t have time to get any more fitness, I just need to make sure my body is recovered enough after the hardest ride of my life (BWR), right? So maybe that looks like a few days of Z1/Z2 rides with maybe a 2-3 hour Z2 on the weekend in b/w just to keep the legs moving? Any thoughts would be super helpful. Thanks!

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Hi @simskey - good luck at the BWR!

We created the Gravel In-Season plan to give you your training for ‘what to do between races’ - its heavy on the right amount of recovery and the right amount of intervals + endurance work to help you carry your fitness forward towards your next races.