Weird PMC issue

I just noticed something weird. On my trainingpeaks dashboard I have two PMC charts visible: one that encompasses just the current training season and one that goes back a couple years. I like having both so I can compare where I’ve been historically vs. where I am now. As you know the PMC will also project your CTL based on the plan that you have on the calendar. The thing is, my two PMC graphs are different! See below:

image Here my peak CTL with my current calendar is 82 on 5/30/2020.

image On this chart my peak CTL is 96, also on 5/30/2020.

My current CTL is also different for both graphs.

So, which is right? How could it come up with such different values? Anyone ever notice this? TBH, I’d rather have the lower CTL right now since I’m still 4 months from base-race transitioning!

Hey Steve,

First thing I would doable check on both charts is your parameters and then also workout types.

Crazy! One of my PMC had a CTL constant of 20 and the other 42! I wonder how that happened.

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I’m not sure of your age but the training tip podcast discussing masters ctl and training from feb 2019 has Coach Frank recommending the ATL constant value for your PMC charts based on your decade of age, in 40s use 5, 50s use 6, 60s 7, etc. In my case @ 40 this differs from the default TrainingPeaks chart setting so you’ll need to remember to change that to match for each new iteration of PMC that you make in your dashboards and mobile charts.

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Ya, that was a great podcast :wink: