Incorrect TSB actual in my ATP (but correct in Dasboard)

Dear TP’ers

For now I am using the free premium trial and I am planning on subscribing for a full year.

But I am encountering a problem I cannot find a solution for. I entered all varies of data to get the best output out of TP, but today I found out I set the wrong starting CTL and starting Fatigue, because my Form (‘TSB actual’) was -64 and that is very unlikely, so I corrected the starting values immediately and recalculated. What then happened was that in the ‘Dashboard’ tab, the TSB went back to -22 which is more realistic. But the thing is that the corrected data is not being transferred into my ATP tab where my next years goal is set, even if I recalculate it. The same goes for the ‘Calender’ tab which shows all the seperate workouts, the ‘TSB actual’ is also still -64 over there. I recalculated every single workout done the past 2 weeks but the ‘TSB actual’ won’t change.

What can I do to solve this problem? I want to get the right output so I can schedule my workouts correctly and get the right weekly TSS’s, but my ‘TSB actual’ output is a very important number for me to be able to rely on, which is not possible right now.

I already deleted my ATP and made a new one but this didn’t help.



Hey Roel,

This sounds like a tricky situation and I wish I had an answer for you but I would reach out to the customer service team at TrainingPeaks; they’re very helpful. Here’s the link to submit a ticket: