Weight Training Injury

So I had a little soreness in my lower back on one side last night (actually felt like it was from the hip/glute) and today was the first day of my hypertrophy phase. On my first squat I felt a ripple across my lower back that didn’t feel right. Did a super light set and it felt like maybe it loosened up. I went back to my prescribed weight and did two sets before it became obvious something wasn’t right. I was able to complete the presses and curls. Now that I’m home, I can feel it really tightening up. So what do I do from here? Take a week off , repeat an adaptation week and start over? Is there an alternative lift to the squat? I really don’t want to lose several weeks to this.

Better safe then sorry is the best advise for the gym. I would do a few things here. give it a few days to start, so taking a week off would not be a bad thing. After the time off I would ether video yourself doing a squat with just a bar or consult a personal trainer or a friend who has a good knowledge on form. You need to make sure that you are doing correct form before stepping up to real weight. Often times even when you are performing the lift with good form under light weight, when you start with decent weight that can then change. So be careful there.
Other options here are massage, stretching, and foam rolling along with other things to loosen your self up before attempting the lift again.