Back Stain during Squats

During my 5th workout in the 10 week resistance base plan I tweaked my lower back. I’ve been working with a trainer since I’m new to squats. I did what I could through the adaptive phase and did my best to set my RM1. However I think it is set too low for a healthy me. My back is healing but it still bothers me during certain movements during the day( getting out of bed is interesting). At any rate I would appreciate any guidance on the best way to proceed. Thanks. Mike

Oh that sucks, sorry - my general rule of thumb is if it hurst stop doing it. Or if it causes pain, stop.

That said it’s super tough to give training plan advice without talking with you like a physical therapist would. They are the best and can help you the most. My advice is a) go see one of you want to try to keep lifting

Or b) abort the resistance training and move onto sweet spot training.

Thanks Frank I going to proceed very cautiously. Love the podcast. Mike

If you do end up doing squats again now or in the future. One thing to try to help not strain your back is this. Once you get the weight off the rack and your stabilized. As you go to start squatting down, mentally focus on your legs. A lot of people, especially as the weight increases mentally focus on the bar and weight. That causes you to focus above the waist, thus causing you to use your back more than you realize.

You can try this with a light weight. Look forward and mentally focus on your legs as you squat. You’ll feel it in your legs in a way you might not have before.