Weekday "Group Rides"

Question: I work 12 hour shift work in a busy ICU as a nurse practitioner 3 days a week. This leaves me free during the week to train. Weekends are usually for family and work. My “group rides” are usually just me doing a long ride during the week 2-4 hours with a 10mile:1000ft climbing ratio. This day is random (it can come on any day of the week). I love these rides. How would you structure my week knowing my group ride is during the week. Should I swap a ride on, for example, wednesday for Saturday or just move the weekend schedule to Tuesday/Wednesday?

I am 47 years old and have been cycling consistently for the last 2 years living in San Francisco, East Bay area. The first year I just rode to train for endurance and to complete the Death Ride in California (130miles, 15K climbing). In the last 6 months I have been focusing on intervals and more structured training since having minor knee surgery in March and have seen my FTP go up from 250->284. I have just started the intermediate Off-seasn/On-season resistance 32 week training plan. I have several questions that I will post intermittently. I can workout 4-5 times per week with 3-4 trainer rides (1-1.5hours on a Peloton) and one longer ride (2-4 hours).

Data: FTP 284 (on a Peloton- don’t roll your eyes, it is what it is), 79 kg with only 3-4kg to lose
Background: cycling for last two years, interval training last 6months. Better than average athlete, Ex professional soccer player 25 years ago, rock climbed religiously at a decent level until school, work, family made it challenging.
Immediate Goals: 4W/kg which translates to 300-310 FTP, Improve my climbing ability, PR local climbs on strava, hang-on on the group rides with my strong friends, do a few organized rides/Fondos next year, and a long gravel ride.

I ride road (with a power meter) and gravel/dirt (no power meter yet). I enjoy the process and love getting stronger. I considered racing here and there but unsure of how it will all play out with Covid next season.

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Hey Michael!

First I would never roll my eyes at someone and what they have to train with. I’ve heard good things about the Peloton. At least you don’t have to continually take your bike on and off a trainer! So there are positives.

So as for structuring your week remember a few important things. The harder days of the week need to come after rest days. These are typically the Tuesday interval day and the Saturday ride. Saturday is longer so if you take off Monday doing it Tuesday works out well. Then you can do your Sunday long day on Wednesday. Take Thursday off and then do your Tuesday workout on Friday. This way it comes after the rest day. Wednesday workout goes to Friday. And then usually the shortest easier day of the week can come on Sunday.

Once you start the strength portion of the offseason plan it is important to keep those days in the same order. Such as when you get to the hypertrophy phase you need to do a heavy day followed by the light day. Rest and repeat. The riding is slightly important in this phase so just focus on the lifting.

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