Weekend Endurance rides

So finally my knee is better, and i can start the 32 week training plan!!!
Got a question regarding the weekend rides. Sometimes the rides are sub 2h.
On sundays i always go out with the wife and we usually ride between 2h30 or 3h…
If i have scheduled an endurance ride of 1h, or 1h30. Can i actually ride for 2h30/3h if i stick with Z1/Z2 efforts? Is this ok to do? Even during the weight resistance part of the training plan? Or do i need to tell the wife that i can’t join her on the weekend for a ride?

Thank you in advance.

Hey Bruno, glad to hear you are all healed up :slight_smile:

As coach @FRANK likes to say, happy spouse, happy house!
I would aim to stick with those rides that you do with her and choose a route that suits what workout you have planned (so choose a hilly route if you have MTI’s). You can add on a little bit of zone 1/2 to those rides, so long as that does not cause fatigue that will prevent you from executing your workouts in the gym.

Also note that you will achieve a better adaptation from your MTI’s when your legs are already tired so it is ideal to do them the day after your group ride .

Hey Lacey,
Thx once again for the fast answer to my question…
1st of all, i’m glad i’ll be able to keep riding with the wife. I doubt that will add fatigue, since as i told you on my previous topic, ride is almost entirely at Z1. So i think i’m good in that department…

Now, i’m seeing an issue with the MTI workouts. If i change them to Saturday so i can go ride with the wife on Sunday, i miss that whole adaptation you’re talking about, since friday’s are recovery days apparently… At least for the first 3 weeks. Once the Weight training program begins, i think i’ll be ok, since Friday will have weight training, so i don’t think there should be an issue there.

You think i can just go by the first 3 weeks with MTI workouts on Saturday, riding with the wife on sunday and not miss out on a whole lot of adaptation?

Absolutely Bruno! Happy to help out.

In week 2 I would swap your thursday endurance ride with the sundays MTI’s as your legs will be fatigued from 2 days of intervals. In weeks 1 and 3 I would aim to do your MTI efforts during your ride with your wife, doing them up the climbs (from the sounds of your last post you have a good bit of those around y’all).
Then like you noted, you will be gtg once you start the resistance training portion of your plan… Just be sure not to be throwing in any zone 5/6 efforts in on those sunday rides :wink:

Thx a lot for the help Lacey.
Will make those changes to the training plan then.
And don’t worry, i learned my lesson regarding the Z5+ efforts on the rides with my wife :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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