My Plan, Question on Next Saturdays

Next couple of Saturdays have two workouts identified in TP. The first is a 2 hour Group Ride with a TSS of 119. The second is a 2 hour Climb Interval session with a TSS of 135. So, do both, or only one? If one, which one? Thanks!


You do both, you can do the climbing intervals before meeting up with the group or after the group ride.
It does say this in the workout pre activity comments (which you will find just below the workout description if you scroll down).
Hope this helps


Hey Kip,

Neil is right that idea is to do both. So it will be a 4 hour training day. Looking to get in 240 - 260 TSS overall on the day. The idea is to still get your specific hill work in while able to manage in a group ride. Under normal circumstances group rides are go to for some fun but might be solo at the moment.

Thanks to both of you! I realized when the email came from TP what the intent was. It was just a little confusing given how the days in the plans are typically structured.

The guys got a little surprise on Saturday when it was time to get the work in for the hill climb portion!