Wearable advise

I need to purchase a sleep/hrv wearable purely for Optimize, its not needed for anything else, being in uk and not wanting to pay a subscription I am probably opting for a Garmin Forerunner 255, cheapest option .I know its on your garmin list and the app is compatible with garmin but before I commit can you confirm that this is a suitable choice please ?

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Hi Storm - you might find you get a faster response by asking in the Optimize app. There is a little box with a “?” in it at the top of the screen. I think FasCat is trying to get away from doing support via the forum. I used it and got a very fast reply (during US hours. It says they start at 9am MST).

Hi Pbase
Done that now


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When it comes to your data cheap is not necessarily the way to go if you want to make informed decisions.

Oura is the Best. Whoop is not far behind. Think of Oura like an SRM and Whoop like a Quarq in powermeter speak.

Garmin is OK - some on the internet will diss the data accuracy here is our list of sleep & HRV compatible Garmin models

We even spoke with wearable tech reviewer Des Yap (US version of DC Rainmaker) to get his take

We will have our own Apple Watch review coming soon in conjunction with our Apple Watch release which should be the end of the year. Fitbit Sense 2 which Des references.